Beyond Home Entertainment

Full eCommerce solution on Magento with a managed catalogue of more than 10,000 titles.


The Beyond Home Entertainment business of the Beyond International group is a retailer of DVD, BlueRay and digital entertainment content. The scale of the catalogue of content available encompasses some millions of titles across documentary, TV, Movie and children’s genres. On top of this many of the brands associated with the content are well known and logical place for customers to use to browse. First’s challenge was to come up with a strategy for browsing the site in an intuitive and fast manner. The website we developed has numerous paths to content depending on a customer’s interests and search methods.

Section specific templates and content


The comprehensive CMS implemented allows the BHE group to rapidly add and edit titles to the catalogue including a live conversion tool that converts physical DVD artwork to a digital format at the click of a button. The dense IA is simplified and intuitive…


Conversions increased by 230% as a result of a well thought out IA.

Navigation and Information Architecture of the site were key considerations we worked through. A thorough prototype was built to test the logic of decisions made and then rolled out as part of the final design. The site is dedicated to presenting the best possible browsing and buying experience for customers of home entertainment products.


From the automation tasks to the efficient navigation design the site is remarkable. We have been able to streamline internal processes and have seen an uplift in sales as a result.

Brett Webber
Head Of Marketing

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