BigW Campaign

Creative design and responsive development for BigW calendar sale campaign

Toy Campaign

BIG W, is an Australian franchise of discount department stores, one of the first of its kind in that country. For this project, BIG W required an online microsite to integrate with its instore toy store campaign “Total Toy Domination”. First proposed a sales calendar with the ability to unlock a sale item each day for the duration of the campaign. And to add a sense of playfulness and interaction, a space invader style game was introduced to the overall concept.

Unlock Deal

A unique feature of the campaign was the ability to unlock a deal for each particular day. This encouraged visitors to return the following day. Visitors had the option to print out the deal and present it in store to redeem it. This process would integrate and tie the online campaign with the in store campaign.

Space Invaders theme

FIRST created an attractive Space Invaders theme with some game function that kept the user engaged long enough for the revealing of the daily offer to become the highlight of the game. This led to a significant drive of in store purchases of the daily products as they were listed.

Christmas Campaigns

FIRST came up with an Advent calendar idea for Christmas 2014 that was enhanced upon for the 2015 Christmas campaign. Overall the the Advent concept was adapted to revolve around a gift idea per day. Media above the line and below the line highlighted the promotion which was central in achieving a significant uplift in in sore sales for the promoted products.

27 Days before Christmas

This campaign was the 2014 original Advent Calendar which had 27 unique offers . Each offer was automatically revealed on a daily basis and users were able to print out the offer and go in store to redeem on the appropriate day.

Snow ball throwing gallery

From creating virtual pageviews to track conversion funnel steps by using dataLayers with custom events in Google Tag Manager (GTM) and custom dimensions for user segmentation in Google AnalyticIn 2015 a level of gamification was added to the advent calendar concept. The snowball throwing game was successful in keeping the user more enagaged in teh site until such time as they were more cofortable with teh brand and therefore more comfortable in downloading the in store offers in question.

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