Blue Mountains City Council

Booked Waste Services Application

Blue Mountains City Council wanted to build an online booking and tracking waste removal system to schedule bi-annual kerbside clean-up services to act as a central portal for all waste collection. Three major services were rolled together, being the collection and disposal of: e-waste, kerbside chippings, and bulk waste.

The goal was to automate what was previously a manual process and allow residents to tailor kerbside chipping and clean-up services to their needs, whilst also providing cost efficiencies for the council.

A bespoke development solution was undertaken, along with a user-friendly interface. Allowing residents to register an account and associate this with an address in the BMCC area, request a kerbside service. When booking the service residents defined the materials and weight to be collected, so council could determine the ground crew requirements. Residents can also view their history of current and past service requests, make edits to their booking and update their account information.

The result was to free up the call centre, providing significant cost savings for the council, whilst also providing a better experience for residents.

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