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Mythbusters Rock the Body iPad app is an adaptation of a book written about more than 30 myths tested by the team covering the most interesting, complex and eventful object living on the face of the Earth today. Your body!

We cover, in a few tens of thousands of words, pictures and videos, and the odd interactive quiz, the urban mythology relating to the human body into which Adam and Jamie have stuck their noses. The human body has been around for some time now and so it might come as a shock to discover that it has any secrets left. However, your body is as fresh with intrigue, secrecy and ‘wow’-factor today as it was when you first lurched out of the fetid swamps of Gondwanaland, tore off your proto-flippers and archaeo-snorkel and hailed a cab to the nearest Cretaceous-themed fast-food restaurant.


Your behaviour will be drastically altered by a close reading of the facts here contained. However, even if you simply take away a fuller, fruitier, meatier and friendlier understanding of the processes that go towards your continued existence upon this ball of gas, dust and water, then we will certainly have earned the following pre-prepared praise: “Without question this app contains all you will ever need know about the mythical world of the human body. If we had not written it ourselves, we would scarcely have thought such incisive commentary were possible.”


• More than thirty classic myths referred to
• Videos of great Mythbusters moments
• Plenty of fun facts
• A gallery of behind the scenes images
• A bunch of mini quizzes
• More than 10,000 downloads
• Rated 5 stars

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