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Design and development of an eCommerce enabled responsive website.
Spirits Platform website

FIRST was engaged by Spirits Platform to redevelop their website in order to better promote their partner brands but also to provide a platform for engaging content including recipes and videos. The site has been redesigned from the ground up to be an excellent customer experience and ultimately an eCommerce platform for direct consumer sales.

Spirits platform is an Australian based sales, marketing and distribution platform for a number of world leading spirits brands including Contreau, Remy Martin and Sierra Tequila to name just a few.

The challenge

Promoting alcohol brands in Australia is a seriously competitive market. The website design needed to be a platform for information and engaging content for not just consumers of the products but for on and off premise sellers of alcohol – clubs and bars as well as wholesalers.

The website will be rolled out in several phases with first phase taking on the role of providing all the relevant information about the entire catalogue of products as well as new initiatives in content from cocktail recipes to the exciting videos section. The second phase of work will encompass a full ecommerce system hooked into stock control and inventory management.


The solution

The final solution was a ground up rebuild of the existing Spirits Platform site with fresh content and a structure that allows for all products to be showcased as individual items and within the brand and category of alcohol. The site is a custom designed WordPress installation with a Woo Commerce integration that will ultimately backbone direct consumer sales. The site has a few custom elements including an events section and the bartenders corner full of great content for on-premise customers and connoisseurs alike.

The design of the site was a classic iterative process of taking into account the strong brand identity but making room for the spirit of the brands to shine through when within specific product sections. The design team brought the design to life with rich imagery specially formatted to fit in with the brands.

Customers can browse categories of spirits or go directly to brands and then check out related content such as videos, recipes and stories.


The site is freshly minted and initial feedback from customers and the bars and clubs affiliated is very positive.


Implementing a robust eCommerce enabled site is the first step to improving your online business.

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