“Do you know what your competition is doing and if it’s working?”

Identify and analyse your online competition then devise strategies and tactics to out-manoeuvre them. Learn from their successes and failures and put into place a cost effective strategy that will be assured of success. Understand your industry online and be sure that your business plans will work online.

Use Competitor Analysis To:

  • Identify market leaders
  • Track your market share
  • Measure impact of campaigns
  • Identify online partners
  • Analyse competitor tactics
  • Monitor competitor activities

How Competitor Analysis Works

  1. Users surf the internet using their web browser.

Features Of Competitor Analysis

  • Site market share report
  • Upstream traffic report
  • Downstream traffic report
  • Regional coverage
  • Competitors search phrases
  • Industry reports
  • Historical graphs
  • Media alerts
  • Market share alerts
  • Site update alerts
  • Links to your competitor’s sites
  • Technical review
  • Marketing review
  • Business model review

The Competitor Analysis Process