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A salacious email inviting a female lawyer to no-strings sex has spread like wildfire to countless inboxes worldwide.

The email was penned by law clerk Craig Dale, and sent last week to female lawyer Azadeh Bashari.

They work for separate law firms in New Zealand and it is unclear how they met.

“At the end of the day we are both really busy and don’t have time for anything else but a bit of good-hearted action,” Dale wrote in the email.

“In terms of the ‘relationship’ I was never looking for anything long term, more like ‘friends with benefits’ … Really I thought you were hot and was sure you’d be a rocket in the sack, which I think you would be.”

Disgusted by Dale’s advances, Bashari proceeded to forward the email to her “single friends”, using the subject line “LOSER Alert”.

“Here is my latest DD [dating disaster] … He [Dale] sent me this email after I told him I wasn’t interested in anything with thim [sic] the night before,” she wrote.

“If you ever have the misfortune of meeting this little charmer, run run run!!!

“Can you believe someone would actually write something like this?”

The email was then forwarded like a chain letter, spreading throughout New Zealand’s legal community and eventually overseas.

Major firms through which the email circulated include PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Chapman Tripp and KPMG, the New Zealand Herald reports.

Closer to home, in September last year two Sydney legal secretaries were sacked after a vicious email exchange, sparked by a missing ham and cheese sandwich. The women were publicly humiliated when other employees from the same firm got their hands on the exchange and forwarded it on.

A similar tale, also concerning the legal profession, occurred in June last year, when a senior British lawyer came under fire after an email exchange in which he attacked his secretary. The secretary is said to have leaked the exchange to the press.

But the most famous email leak occurred back in 2000, when Claire Swire sent her boyfriend an explicit email about oral sex. The boyfriend forwarded the email to his mates, and it spread across the globe.