Jon Ostler speaks about the case study. “SORTED! Using Search Engine Marketing To Protect Your Brand Online: NZ Retirement Commision”. How to focus your multi-channel campaign squarely on your brand to get long term results.

Web is often an important part of a multi-channel campaign. In this session Jon Ostler of First Rate will discuss the NZ Retirement Commissions Sorted Campaign – outlining the importance of search engine marketing in getting the most ROI from your multi-channel campaign. The Dieringer Research Group USA ran a 2002 study and found that 40% of people changed brands after researching online via search engines. It is therefore critical that your company, brand and web site are represented well within this environment. This case study will also illustrate the importance of taking into account the online behaviour and education of potential customers.

17 – 18 November 2003, The Heritage Hotel, Auckland