I recently headed to sunny California to attend the 3 day Google AnalyticsCertified Partner (GACP) summit at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View. It was an exciting journey that took 14 hours of air time to get to, meeting GACP & WOAC partners from all around the globe, engaging with the Google Analyticsteam and definitely checking out Google’s cool offices and facilities!

Although I cant go into the exact details of the summit’s content (yes, they have Google alerts monitoring me right now, perhaps even my phone!) but what I can say is that it is great to know Google is focused and determined to make Google Analytics into a really kick-ass enterprise level web analytics product.

Main highlights were the development roadmap for Google Analytics, future features and also the collaboration between the Google team and the GACP partners on strategies on how to make Google Analytics and the partnership better.

Many things were learnt through the summit and I’m very exciting and proud to be a part of this great product and global team. Look forward to the GACP Summit 2011! Until then, happy analysing.

p.s we liked the Google cookies… points to those who get it…


Danny Ng

Consulting Manager