Today (5.00 a.m. NZ time), Google has announced some major improvements to Google Tag Manager (GTM):

  • New APIs to Answer Custom Needs

APIs are a time saver when you need to manage GTM containers at a large scale. Thanks to the new API you can for instance manage users in bulk or create a container template to be used and synch for hundreds of different sites.

  • New Templates for 3rd-Party Tags

Over the next weeks, you will find new tag templates for Neustar, quantcast, Criteo and more to be added to the already supported 3rd-party solutions (AdRoll, Marin, Comscore, Bizo, Clicktale, Distillery, Turn, Mediaplex, VisualDNA). 3rd-party tag templates make tagging easier and reduce the risk of errors when using Custom HTML tags.

  • New User Interface

More intuitive and colourful!. The new interface has a more visual workflow, which should make things easier to understand. Also some useful features such as instant search, autocomplete and new keyboard shortcuts.

One of the Google Tag Manager Updates is the New GTM user interface

A new more friendly interface for non-technical users

These improvements will be rolled out over the next few days so be patient if you don’t see your new user interface in your existing GTM account. Don’t have a GTM account yet? Create one and have a play with the new UI!

So here you go: even more reasons to use Google Tag Manager!

Read the announcement on Google Analytics blog