eyewear websites customer experience

For the full report (PDF) please click here.

Find out if Specsavers or Clearly Contacts (both: Eyewear providers) offers the better online customer experience and how they’re doing it.

This report is part of a series that looks at leading websites within specific industry verticals, to highlight good digital marketing practises, and opportunities for improvement. Additionally, a consumer survey was carried out to discover what is most important for Kiwis when buying eyewear online.

By comparing website pages, online visibility and survey data, we discovered:

  • Who has the edge in delivering a better customer experience
  • How their online ordering process differs and which we think is best
  • Which site offered the easiest way to find products
  • How they each fair in getting in front of their target market online
  • Some areas to improve conversions
  • Where the first place Kiwis go when searching for glasses and contact lenses
  • The least important criteria for making a buying decision

We believe that User Experience is critical to online success. This report is intended to simply provide an overview using readily available data. Further work would need to be undertaken for a complete and comprehensive market or competitor analysis.

For the full report (PDF) please click here