Conversion Rate Optimisation project

Dymocks is one of Australia’s most established and best known brands, founded 136 years ago. With 60+ physical stores across the country, and over 10 million books sold last year, the company holds the crown of Australia’s leading bookseller.

Client objectives

Dymocks’ brief to FIRST was to craft an omnichannel strategy encouraging customers to purchase in store and online. It was essential that the strategy provides a positive customer-centric experience across all channels.

What we did:

A redesign and some technical restrictions led to a number of challenges with Dymocks’ user experience and conversion rate. They were keen to drive revenue, but also to create a better user experience and drive traffic into stores.

FIRST took Dymocks through its conversion rate optimisation process. This process has thorough qualitative customer research at its core. The research involved talking to a reflective cross section of the bookseller’s target market, mapped against existing segmentation data from the Dymocks marketing team. Both existing and potential high value customers were interviewed. Through better understanding real customer behaviour, FIRST was able to generate a comprehensive list of areas for improvement in the Dymocks online experience.

The research focused not only on barriers to completing a transaction, but also on what motivates people so we know how to increase the propensity to both buy online and visit a store.

This qualitative research was combined with quantitative analytical insights to create a complete view of customers. In one case, the existing Dymocks segmentation and loyalty programs had identified high value customers. Our research looked at specific needs these customers had and how we could create a better experience for them, as well as how to nurture customers into becoming high value customers.

First increased Dymocks conversion rate
by 40.48% overall


Following the research, FIRST made two lists of recommendations:

  1. High priority customer experience barriers that could be fixed without testing – basically, parts of the site which were just broken.
  2. Ideas requiring testing in order to establish the optimal solution.

All items were then prioritised in order of the potential financial uplift they would bring to the site.
Some of these tests were:

  • More clearly presenting the results of the “find in store” results. This increased store enquiries by 14.84%
  • Redesigning the checkout to overcome specific issues encountered, and to create a better user experience. Conversion rate increased 10.11% and revenue increased 12.76%
  • Tested changes to the messaging around shipping. This increased sitewide conversion rate by 11.11% Redesigning the search bar. This increased searches by 64.35%

Overall results including these and other tests:

  • Conversion rate increased by 40.48%
  • Store details lookups up by 15.99%
  • Site searches up 112.11%


The research process, as well as the subsequent testing, has taught us a lot about the Dymocks value proposition and how to express this clearly to customers. FIRST still sees significant upside potential in conversion rate. By continuing to follow the process, we expect double digit uplift in all key conversion metrics.

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