It’s that time of year again… when the digital community are making predictions on the technologies
and tactics that will be HOT next year. While these predictions may or may not be realised, here are breakthroughs I believe New Zealand businesses should be making right now (and in 2015) to remain competitive, no matter what.

    • Digital transformation needs to be driven from the top. Digital expertise at C-Level and on company advisory boards is a must.


    • Online business must have a clear value proposition. We have too many ‘me too’ online businesses. Differentiate and stand for something. What is it that you do better than anybody else out there? Compete on more than just price.


    • The international threat to New Zealand eCommerce Retail is real. New Zealand retailers must recognise this and think bigger. As it has been said, sometimes the best defence is a good offence. Although based in NZ, businesses must take advantage of global marketplaces to drive growth.


    • A great customer database is a must. The more segmented and personalised the better. I am amazed at how many companies in NZ are still not sending relevant, customised communications by email. The technology exists to do so. Take advantage of it.


    • People with good digital expertise in NZ are scarce. Perhaps companies should focus on core business and outsource to ‘best of breed’ companies those things that can be outsourced. A good external partner can be significantly more valuable to driving growth than the wrong internal hire.


    • Recognize speed, agility and innovation are competitive weapons. The ability of a business to learn, adapt, test and optimize is a key determining factor on where they will be in the market 12 months from now.


    • Businesses must leverage technologies and automation where possible to gain efficiency and increase effectiveness. Often with our No.8 wire mentality, NZ business are slow to invest and just make do. Don’t let that thinking hurt your growth opportunities.


    • Companies must do a better job at listening to and learning from customers. Work to improve the customer experience across devices and channels. This should be ‘always on’, not a one-time event.


    • Live, breathe and understand your organization’s digital data. Become expert in finding insights in that data. But most importantly, act on that data and improve business and marketing performance.


    • Know why you are employing various digital tactics. Ask the ‘why?’. Focus on what will make the biggest difference. Don’t waste time on things that don’t matter.


Too often we busy ourselves with various digital marketing tactics when many of the larger questions remain unanswered. In 2015, lets do the basics right. Let’s lift our game and compete effectively online.


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