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Since its inception in 2004, Wilderness Motorhomes built a good reputation as a provider of rental motorhomes for the New Zealand market. Although it had built up a solid fan base over the years, they realised that visitors from organic search had not increased significantly year-on-year and online sales directly attributed to organic search had dropped.

They needed to increase the visibility of its website even further and use it to convert visitors and leads into customers.

Wilderness Motorhomes turned to FIRST to increase online sales and revenue by growing organic site sessions and improving the user experience and conversion rate of the site.

FIRST’s Data-Driven Approach Rev Up Leads and Sales

Better data helps facilitate smarter decisions. Its importance cannot be understated when it comes to growing sales and revenue.

Based on the client’s objectives and initial data analysis, below were the focus areas:

  • Set up analytics and measurement framework to effectively measure set key performance indicators important to Wilderness
  • Grow sessions through SEO and further increase site visibility
  • Enhance user experience and improve site conversion to achieve results quicker

The summary of each focus area and initial steps taken are explained in this Download the case study now.

Within 12 months, Wilderness achieved tremendous results of:

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