SearchIgnite has updated their search management platform to 4.0. This latest release includes a number of major enhancements such as ROI forecasting, Predictive Paid Search Optimisation and Advanced Cross-Channel reporting. All First Rate SearchIgnite clients now have exclusive access within New Zealand and Australia to SearchIgnite 4.0.

Search Marketing ROI Forecasting

Current performance metrics can be compared to predicted performance across multiple metrics.

SEM ROI Forecasting

Predictive Paid Search Optimisation

Set your ROI targets such as leads, transactions or revenue and the SearchIgnite SEM search technology algorithm will optimise your account to get you the best possible results for your budget.

Obviously the PPC account needs to be configured best practice using optimised Ad Group clusters based on relevant keyword themes – as well as smart ad copywriting! This ensures that the SearchIgnite search management technology can be fully leveraged for maximum impact.

Predictive Paid Search Optimisation

Landing Page Optimisation

SearchIgnite will test multiple landing pages and automatically optimise your ads against conversions, to ensure ads lead searchers to the best performing landing pages.

PPC Landing Page Optimisation

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