Well, let me highlight a conversation between a hard-working, self-employed couple in their late 30s first…

“We’re just not seeing the growth we want,” James said, looking dejectedly at Mary. “I feel like we’re spinning our wheels.”

Mary nodded sympathetically. They had been struggling to grow their online revenue for some time now and were starting to feel a bit stuck.

“Maybe it’s time to try something new,” she said thoughtfully. “Something that can help us breakthrough that plateau.”

James perked up at her words. “Like what?” he asked eagerly.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about consulting a digital marketing agency to promote our products.” Mary could see the excitement in James’s eyes and knew she had hit on something.

Long story short. 

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes; some feel stuck when it comes to growing the business further because they don’t know what is next on deck or are not aware of tools and strategies they could use to grow further – but rest assured that no matter where your journey started or where you are right now, there’s always room at our table! 

So, what if you could grow your company with a single, simple move?

I can tell you one thing, it’s near to impossible and if you have come so far, you probably know this too. 

Growing a business works on multiple levers pulling together. 

As we are a digital marketing agency, I would like to focus on the three things we are most experienced in but I would like to highlight an offline example to make it easier to relate to. 

Imagine your store and a customer walks in. They have seen some photos on Google of the interior of the store and felt attracted to it. Let’s imagine it looked this way. 

Source: Jürgen Eheim

What actions do you undertake once you see the person entering the store?

  • Isn’t it natural that you first say ‘hi’!
  • Secondly, you either approach the person if she/he walks towards you or you give the person some time to stroll through the aisles. If they keep looking for an extended period of time, you may approach them and help them out.

They may have a question about a specific wine that they are looking for. Some store owners may tell the customer that they don’t have the wine and others may recommend another wine that is pretty similar to the one they are looking for or may ask the customer a few questions, e.g. …“the wine that you are looking for, are you trying it for the first time?”. 

The customer may respond ‘yes’, and mention that they have seen a commercial for the wine on a banner. Now, if you are really interested in providing great value to the person, you may tell the person all about the wine. And ask if that fits the taste of the customer. 

In the end, you may recommend a completely different wine that ticks all the boxes of your customer. They may even buy 2 as they are so convinced they found the perfect product. 

Before they walk out of the store, you may ask them if they would like to be part of the special loyalty program which includes free wine tasting nights and a 10% voucher for their next order. 

In many ways that is exactly what a website should be doing for a customer, and it can be done. But the reality is mostly quite different. Certain basics can’t be implemented, often due to a lack of resources. And we get it, it’s tough to operate a business and do basically everything. But it also means, that scaling your business will be hard, really hard. 

In my above example, I was talking about 

1. Attracting more customers to your store (great photos of your interior)

2. Upselling them in-store ( instead of 2 wines)

3. Trying to get them back (loyalty and voucher) 

We, as a digital marketing agency help company owners improve the on-site experience but also help our clients to get more of the right visitors to their website and ensure their website tracks sales accurately.

In the end, it’s all about growing your business. We use the tools and platforms to achieve this and I would say we are pretty good at it. 

Oh, and I hope you are fine I didn’t bore you with terms like SEO, SEM, CRO and GA, would you even give a $#!@ about these terms and how we grow your business? Maybe, maybe not 🙂 

Anyways, we do all of it. We tell you what works and what doesn’t. We are always transparent and don’t try to sell you any bs, if something goes wrong (which seldom happens), we’ll own our mistakes, iterate and fix them. 

We have worked and still work with some of New Zealand’s largest businesses, including Resene, Number One Shoes, Hannahs, Harmoney, New World, Pak n’Save, Supplements, Tyrehub and many others. But don’t get me wrong, we also work with ambitious small to medium-sized businesses that want to make a mark in the world. 

… but I talked enough… Please see what our clients say about us. You are all legends.

I think we bragged enough 🙂 

Honestly, it’s not about us. We make our clients our family. We don’t shy away from hard work and we achieve our goals and KPIs.

For us, it’s just about pushing forward. 

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