We love to get things moving

Animation and video editing

From banner ads to explainer videos

The creative team at FIRST love animation and many of our projects require it to enhance experiences or to be the central component of a campaign.

Banner advertising, Social posts, YouTube Videos, Explainers, General animation or editing


FIRST will write, illustrate and animate videos used to explain the key features of products and services. The example below was from a series produced for Allianz Car and Home Insurance products.

Social posts

As part of campaign activity across Facebook and Instagram, FIRST has created numerous animations to support promotional activity. Clients include Dove, Real Insurance and Streets.

And more…

FIRST will also conceptualise, script and produce animations for websites, presentations, prototypes and other platforms. This often includes the production of voiceover and custom audio.

Prototype created to visualise app functionality.

From animated prototype…

To the final live-action edit.