How quality content and smart promotion drove a phenomenal amount of video views for Serato.


Analytics and Content Strategy

Objectives & Results

The objective was to generate maximum video views while minimising average cost per view (CPV).

Here are some of the key results:

  • 60% less media cost
  • Gained a 145% increase in views
  • Reduced cost per view by 84%
  • Helped the first Icon Series Video break through the 1 million viewer mark – at just pennies per view
  • In a single month, generated close to 500k views at less than $0.03 CPV

Who is Serato?

Serato creates a world-leading audio software for professional DJs and musicians. Serato is based in New Zealand and has partnerships with many highly regarded hardware, software, and record industry companies worldwide.

The Icon Artist Series is a diverse, hand-picked collection of artists who represent and epitomise the Serato ethos. They include DJs like Fatboy Slim, Erykah Badu, Mix Master Mike, and The Gaslamp Killer.

Given the popularity of video among the Serato and DJ celebrity fan base, as well as the reach and targeting potential of YouTube, YouTube Promoted Video was an obvious promotional platform choice to amplify and extend the reach of the Icon Artist Series Videos cost effectively.

The Payoff

Some of the key results achieved were:

  • For the same period to the previous year: spent 60% less on media, gained a 145% increase in views and reduced cost per view by 84%.
  • Helped the first Icon Series Video break through the 1 million viewer mark, at just pennies per view.
  • In a single month, generated close to 500k views at less than $0.03 CPV.

Key Insights

Key Insights to get the most from promoting YouTube videos:

  • Paid views drive organic views over time
  • Interact with your audience, participating in conversation will help boost credibility, reach and brand positioning
  • YouTube visitors are looking for video content, so their search habits differ from traditional search. Just moving keywords from search campaigns to target on YouTube is not advised
  • Invest the time and resource to create killer content – success  hinges on this
  • Headlines that contained the artist’s name tended to increase click to views
  • The great thing about YouTube TrueView ad format is that you can only pay when viewers choose to watch your ad

“Showing how Icons of the DJing industry have embraced Serato software to enhance performance plays a big part in driving awareness and adoption by our target market. FIRST has driven a phenomenal amount of traffic to our YouTube promoted videos while driving the cost per view down through the floor.”

– MORGAN DONOGHUE, Chief Commercial Officer